T.F.B.B History

Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion (T.F.B.B) held its first meeting at the home of a former founding member on November 23rd, 1986. It was then established that the club would meet on the third Saturday of each month. Our current meeting location has moved to a Fire Station in Tacoma, Washington but the date remains the same. Originally, when there was an incident to respond to, club members would load refreshments up in their private vehicles and respond. This changed on December 20th, 1994, when the Tacoma Fire Department and the Tacoma City council donated one of Tacoma’s former Rescue units to the club. The Tacoma Fire Department’s Fire Garage converted the unit to include a propane stove, a small refrigerator and a microwave oven. The Department even repainted and lettered the unit for us. Private Citizens donated all of the equipment.

In 2014 the donated Rescue Unit that was donated in 1994 was decommissioned and a Econoline Van was put In Service as the new canteen Unit alter being renovated by the Tacoma Fire Department Garage. Today we have a combination of private vehicles and our Rehab One, allowing us to respond faster and to multiple locations if needed. The Tacoma Fire Department has issued our club a Fire Radio which is monitored 24/7 and we dispatch our members via “direct connect” technology on club issued cell phones. The Tacoma Professional Firefighters Local #31 continues to support the T.F.B.B through donations made via voluntary payroll deductions by Tacoma firefighters. This money is used for insurance and upkeep for the Rehab Unit and for food supplies. Our Fire Buff Battalion has come a long way with the help and support of the many wonderful volunteers and the Tacoma Fire Department. If interested in joining us in this rewarding and interesting passion, please contact one of our board members through our website.