Our Service.

The Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion works closely with the Tacoma Fire Department to support the firefighters engaged in firefighting activities. Our members have a very deep respect for the Tacoma Fire Department, its firefighters and the fire services in general.

The services we provide range from providing snacks and drinks to the tired Fire Fighters on location to assisting with other duties as assigned.

The Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion is a member of the International Fire Buffs Associates (IFBA),

an organization of local fire buff clubs in many cities throughout the United States and Canada.


Who We Are

After they take care of you . . .
We take care of them . . .


What We Do

Our response units provide firefighters with water,sports drink, food, and shelter.


How We Grew

The Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion held its first meeting on November 23rd, 1986.


Join Us

You are invited to contact us about joining in our passion for service.